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29 November 2017
Capacity Management Vs. Capacity Planning

Usually the terms "capacity management" and "capacity planning" are used interchangeably, this is not right. In summary, capacity planning is a subset or component of capacity management. Capacity plan is the output from the capacity planning component; and implementing the capacity plan is the end product of proactive capacity management.

Capacity planning is usually done in consultation with the business users/representatives that provide their business demand forecasts as an input to the process; which in turn predicts the infrastructure requirement to meet the future business demand.

Capacity management adds value to organizations when it can proactively help mitigate service performance degradation or outage relating to inadequate infrastructure resources.

At the lower maturity level of capacity management, there may not be explicit capacity planning process in place, rather the IT support team relies on infrastructure utilization threshold alerting, and users' IT-service-failure complaints. This approach is reactive, and leads to fire fighting for service restoration. See more

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