Who Needs UnlimitedAnalytics

UnlimitedAnalytics software solution is designed for use by any industry, business sector (private and public) and organization of any size - small, medium, or enterprise.

In summary:
  • It is designed to be used by organizations that seek to do an in-depth analysis and generate business intelligence report from high volume of structured or unstructured data in either real-time or periodic basis
  • Designed for organizations that seek to understand their products/services offering user behaviour, trend, baseline, volumes, correlation, peak, and valley etc. needed for operational, promotional, and strategic planning.
  • Designed for organization that seeks real-time data analysis, dashboard, reporting, monitoring, and alerting needed for daily operational business interventions.
UnlimitedAnalytics is a great information-unravelling solution for organization that is desirous of turning huge and massive data from multiple sources into business information for operational, tactical, and strategic decision making asset.

Any business and individual can use the UnlimitedAnalytics solution towards delivering their business objectives, specifically; the following categories of users will find the software very handy for service delivery:
  • Data Analysts
  • Reporting analysts/managers
  • Data miners
  • Revenue assurance analysts
  • Resource allocation analysts
  • Resource analysts and planners
  • Academic planning analysts
  • Sales analysts and planner
  • Marketing analysts
  • Service providers
  • Performance analysts
  • Business and service forecast analysts
  • Workforce analysts
  • Auditors
  • Capacity planners
  • Quality of service (QoS) analysts
  • Performance or service analysts
  • Survey analysts
  • National census analysts
  • Strategic planning analysts
  • Business and service manager
  • Independent analysts
  • Financial analysts or controller
  • Billing analysts
  • Call centre analysts
  • IT server, system, database, network, storage, or application administrators, or
  • Anyone who depends on data analysis to make decisions
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