Product Main Features

UnlimitedAnalytics® has many features and functionalities designed to make sure the user experience is remarkable; and to justify why it is called Unlimited analytics.

The features are grouped under:

    Input data source
  • Handles both structured and unstructured data
  • Handles any data format: CSV, XML, DSV etc
  • Takes data from relational databases (Oracle, MYSQL, MSSQL, MS ACCESS, DB2, ODBC etc.)
  • Unlimited number of data source can be supported
    • Output: Dashboard, Report, and Visualization
    • No SQL Statement needed to view any report, as all needed SQL statements are automatically generated based on user click-and-select actions
    • Compose and publish report using unified data from multiple data-sources
    • Report can be viewed in either detailed or executive-summary mode
    • Provides Multidimensional report view of data using the dynamic embedded OLAP meta cube
    • Reports can be viewed in either multiple single-dataset or single multi-dataset view (comparative mode)
    • Graphical report can be viewed using any of these chart types: line, area, scatter, bar/column, stacked bar, cluster bar, 100% stacked bar, pie, and heat map are supported
    • Zoom for List Box selection
    • Reports can be viewed in tabular mode either in vertical or horizontal form
    • Generated chart are automatically scaled to ensure best fits
    • Supports graphic report with positive and negative vertical axis
    • Reports can be viewed in either detailed or executive-summary mode
    • The Executive-summary mode allows the following data filters: Top N, bottom N, >N, <N, =N, Between N1 and N2; and the filter value can be based on the maximum, minimum, sum or average metric value
    • The heat-map chart type allows user definable colour code and value range pairs
    • Allows for 2D and 3D graphic view based on selected chart type
    • Chart Legend display position can be changed on the fly
    • Chart vertical rule line and line-marker can be added on the fly
    • Charts can show the average and percentile line indicator for a single dataset
    • Threshold limits can be defined for each metric, and it shows on the chart
    • Organizations and users can customize the graphic report colours to suit preferences
    • Graphics reports can be enlarged to users' full windows screen
    • Browser based graphs and tabular reports
    • Replace coded data with descriptive equivalent
      Code Free - Configuration Wizard for any data-source
    • No Coding nor file editing required to setup a new data source
    • Allow new data source configuration by copying and editing an existing configuration
    • Field definition matrix for assigning the analytical required against each data column
    • Handles data formatted with multiple field delimiters
    • Selectively accept rows for ingestion based on specified value(s)
    • Selectively reject rows for ingestion based on specified value(s)
    • Handle input file with mixed record types
    • Time zone harmonization & reporting
    • Handles data with or without header record - user definable header
    • Automatically adjusts to handle input with varying number of fields/columns
    • Specify columns or range of columns to be ignored during analysis
    • If required, performs search and replace on input data before analysis/ingestion
    • If required, combine input data fields/columns before ingestions
    • Supports count, average, minimum, maximum, sum, percentile and unique-Count data aggregation/rollup
    • Supports raw/detailed, minute, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly data breakdown
    • Taking input data from an external relational database based on user definable parameters
    • For input data without date or time, such can be specified as parameter at ingestion start-up
      Publishing and Viewing Reports
    • All reports presented in either graphic or tabular form with data export functionality
    • Publish dynamic reports that reflect any new data ingestion/upload
    • Reports can be published with fixed date or dynamic ongoing date range based on run date
    • Report publisher can add publication notes
    • Users can create favourite folders and add reports to the folders for quick access
    • Users can schedule any published report to run, and have the output automatically emailed to them and other subscribers at desired time or interval
    • Report Users can review reports and make comments specific to each report
    • Report Users on click of the button, can send the display report to others by email
    • Report Users on click of the button, can send an email to the report publisher
    • Report publisher specifies what report characteristics users can change
    • Report publisher specifies the user-groups that can view the report
      Core Analytics Engine
    • Multi-dimensional data parsing
    • Detailed and drill down analysis of web log, including analysis of URL query parameters
    • Concurrent data ingestion for different data source
    • Data output stored in a relational database
      Forecasting & Modelling
    • Add Linear trend line to charts on the fly
    • Displays Correlation Coefficient and R-square value between any two data sets from any data-source
    • Displays Forward Forecast Trend Line and the Forecast value at end of the specified forecast period
    • Use the scatter chart type to plots one dataset against another to clearly show correlation, and the dataset R-Square
    • Provides modelling functionality; using the historical data; and a user-supplied future known growth data, you can predict and display the forecast value of the dependent/unknown variable for the specified future date
      Service Monitoring Dashboard & Email
    • Real-time monitoring and alerting dashboard
    • Defining dashboard-groups to suit the various functional user groups. Each dashboard group can be linked to as many as six reports that get displayed and refreshed at user defined interval
    • Service or critical metrics can be monitored and reported on dashboard in near real-time; with each user independently choosing preferred dashboard group
    • Email alert is sent when any specified aggregated metrics is breached during data ingestion
      Operation & Monitoring
    • Controlling the automated activities of the UnlimitedAnalytics systems - data ingestion, service dashboard, and report scheduling
    • Monitoring the data ingestion process in real-time
    • Execute data ingestion from both command line and browser
    • UnlimitedAnalytics architecture is designed for vertical and horizontal scaling. It is designed to handle unlimited number of data-sources running concurrently and in parallel, and independent of each other. This feature provides for the application to optimally utilize host servers multiple processors/thread.
    • The application can be scaled horizontally as it provides for additional web server and application server nodes to be added on demand.
      • Hence, for on premise implementation, there is no need to incur cost of acquiring excess infrastructure capacity until it is needed as application performance can be increased on demand by either increasing/upgrading system resources or adding new nodes.
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