UnlimitedAnalytics® is an enterprise software for data analytics, business intelligence, capacity maangement, data warehousing, dashboard, and reporting solution that implements a fit-for-all data sources algorithm which creates a simplified, unified multi-data-sources and multi-dimensional data warehouse.

Once data is uploaded for ingestion/analysis, users can compose detailed and executive graphic / tabular reports. This is achieved by the solution creating dynamic and on-the-fly multi-dimensional data-cubes (OLAP, PIVOT, CROSSTAB etc.) without any coding or scripting requirement.
A telecom giant is currently using UnlimitedAnalytics to analyze over 250 million call data records (CDR) on daily basis, providing real-time dashboard and reports for business, finance, marketing, revenue assurance users etc..
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Saves over 90% ..
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For organization that is desirous of turning huge and massive data from multiple sources into business information for operational, tactical, and strategic decision making asset..
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The product features qualify it to be named Unlimited Analytics ..
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